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Instaplumb can send a licensed plumber anywhere in Sydney to service taps, repair leaks, unblock drains, repair hot water systems and more.

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Instaplumb is a licensed plumber company in Sydney that can unblock drains, install taps, connect hot water systems, install new drains and more. 

Our plumbers have vehicles that are equipped with inspection and repair tools to complete any type of plumbing repair, installation or replacements that you might need to your home or business. We will provide a choice of plumbing solutions to suit your budget & needs with written quotations.

A plumber in Sydney servicing all suburbs

emergency plumber in Sydney available 24 hours 7 days a week

Emergency plumber

Instaplumb can provide a licensed plumber in Sydney for any type of emergency plumbing situation. Available 24 hours, 7 days a week to repair any problems quickly.

Blocked drains plumber in Sydney

Blocked drain clearing

If your sewer, toilet, sink or stormwater pipes are blocked our plumbers can quickly clear any blockage so that your drains flows correctly & efficiently.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspections by a plumber in Sydney

CCTV drain inspections

If you have a reoccurring drain blockage at your property we can inspect your drain system with a CCTV drain camera to pinpoint the exact problem.

Hot water system plumber in Sydney

Hot water services

If your water isn’t heating up, your hot water tank has burst or is leaking, then call the Sydney plumbers from InstaPlumb anytime.

Residential plumber in Sydney available before or after hours

Residential Plumbing

There is no job too big or too small. Whether you’ve got a blocked drain, need gutter cleaning, a roof leak or you’ve got an emergency plumbing issue.

strata real estate rental propery plumber in Sydney

Commercial Plumbing

We work closely with body corporate, real estate and strata managers across Sydney to ensure quality, functional plumbing services year-round.

100% independent local plumbing company

Hire an indepedent
plumber in Sydney

Instaplumb is 100% locally owned & independent, we are not part of a franchise or banner brand group and we don't use 'fake' photos from the internet either.

No contractors, you get total peace of mind dealing directly with Dean who is the founder & director of this local plumbing company in Sydney.

This is why you choose

a plumber from Instaplumb

  • No fake call out fees; will give you an up front pricing guide.

  • No sales or discount gimmicks; we don’t load our after sales pricing.

  • I’m a local business; we are not a franchise, you deal direct.

I’m Dean, founder & director of Instaplumb Pty Ltd. For nearly 20 years I’ve been in the plumbing industry & seen my share of dodgy plumbing that was installed or repaired by plumbers in Sydney who just didn’t give a sh@t. Their focus was to make a quick buck and move onto the next job, sadly this is how our industry gets a bad name.

I founded my plumbing company to change this.

I have experienced plumbers in Sydney in my team, we do not have contractors and each person is trained to give you a choice of repair options with a focus on providing a long term solution. We might give you the more expensive choice, but it will be the right plumbing repair to avoid further problems & save you money in the long run.

Every time I send a plumber to your location I know they have extensive knowledge and an understanding of how plumbing drainage systems work. My staff will handle the complexity that comes from a mixture of mains pipes, council managed plumbing or even strata multi property sites. 

My staff are given all the latest equipment to ensure your plumbing repair or installation is completed effectively. Everything we do is cost effective at affordable rates using high quality materials and the latest methods.

24 hour emergency plumber in Sydney

24 hour emergency plumber in Sydney

Some people think we are crazy because we are plumbers that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency plumbing situation. We can be at your location within about 30 minutes in most situations even if that is 2am in the morning when you have a burst pipe that is gushing water everywhere.

Our plumber will arrive on site and quickly assess the cause of the emergency plumbing situation to work out what is the quickest fix to prevent any further damage. This might be as simple as replacing a tap or fixing a connection to a hot water system but other problems like a burst water pipe might be more serious and require more time to get repaired. 

Blocked drain

We use digital CCTV inspection equipment to inspect your drains to show you what is causing a blockage.

Blocked toilet

Using plumbing tools like a plunger or high pressure water jet we will clear any blocked toilet quickly.

Blocked drain

If your drains are damaged we can repair them with new piping, relining or stormwater pits.

Broken tap

If your tap breaks and water has burst from the connection we can replace it quickly to reduce any damage.


Your pipes may be broken and can be repaired to solve any blockages or water leaks.

Plumber in Sydney repairing blocked stormwater plumbing

Qualified, licensed plumbers in Sydney

Instaplumber has a team of qualified, licensed plumbers in Sydney that can visit any suburb to inspect your plumbing, provide a choice of repair or installation options, give you accurate pricing & then get the job completed once you approve to commence.

Dean has worked hard to find plumbers who are experienced, well-mannered, good natured and have the same values as he does. It means each plumber will  take the time to address your concerns and provide a plumbing service that you feel happy to recommend to your friends. 

Our plumber
service area locations

Instaplumb can send a plumber to any suburb in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Our plumbers in Sydney can visit any region with most of our plumbing in the Inner West, Southern Sydney, Eastern Suburbs & Lower North Shore.

A plumber in Sydney with great reviews

After having another plumber clear out my sewer line, and being told I needed to get my entire sewer line sleeved (at great expense), my toilet was still backing up. I decided to look at Google reviews instead and make sure I booked a good plumber to find out what was wrong, and contacted Instaplumb after reading their reviews.

Dean from Instaplumb found the real reason for my toilet backing up was in the stem, quickly and easily cleared this out, and said I didn't need the sleeve for the entire length, but maybe just partially (which would cost significantly less than the other plumber suggested!)

The plumber who came out was so easy to deal with, professional and friendly. I took off all the other plumber magnets and I only have the Instaplumb magnet on my fridge now!
After receiving an inflated quote from another plumber, I opted to pay their call out fee and get another quote from Instaplumb.

Very glad I did. Their quote was half the price and they did the job quickly and efficiently.

Dean did the job and was very pleasant and professional. I will be using Instaplumb as my default plumber from here on.
Amazing plumbers! Had massive block in my pipes. Called another company took forever to respond back to me, they then responded with a ridiculous quote and we're so rude!!

Called Instaplumb they responded back straight away with a reasonable price and done an amazing service!!

Also Dean was super respectful had wonderful customer service!! Highly recommend these guys!
I used their website to submit an enquiry for a blocked drain, (we suspected it was caused by a dodgy builder on a recent bathroom renovation). Within half an hour I received a call from Dean, who was very knowledgeable and very helpful.

Dean was able to come out the same day. Upon arriving he set up and was able to immediately clear the blockage. He then used a camera to check all the pipes, in which he found building materials causing the blockage. Dean was able to give us photo evidence and clear out the blockage. He then made sure to check again, and gave the all clear.

Throughout the whole process, we found Instaplumb to be professional, knowledgeable and pricing was very reasonable.
These plumbers are amazing, always on time, always complete the job 100% and very diligent. Prices are cheap and services are reliable. Instaplumb does a lot of my plumbing, and many of my family and friends use them as well.

Dean is a gentleman, and knows exactly what he is talking about when it comes to plumbing. These guys are awesome and will continue to use them.

Dean is definitely not wet behind the ears. :) keep up the good work gentlemen.

See examples of the plumbing work we have done

Forget about all the promises we are making, see some of the actual job sites we have worked on to where we repaired blocked drain problems in sydney

Removing tree roots from a blocked sewer line in Sydney
Plumber that repairs sinkhold drainage problems
Plumber that installs new stormwater drains
Repairing a blocked drain full of tree roots under a building
Residential plumbing services in Sydney

Instaplumb is a company in Sydney that provides residential plumbing services that can install, repair or assess anything you require for your house or unit. We can install or replace hot water systems, gas appliances, backflow devices, replace taps or even install new plumbing to a bathroom renovation.

All our plumbers are highly skilled, and we always ensure we up to date on the very latest in plumbing industry technology and services. Our team of licensed plumbers in Sydney work closely with any home owner for large or small plumbing jobs. 

Strata real estate plumbing services

If you are a landlord or real estate agent that requires an experienced plumbing company in Sydney that is qualified to work on strata managed rental properties Instaplumb can provide a range of contracted services for units or rental houses.

We know exactly how to manage the delicate relationship between a property manager & the tenants to make sure that any plumbing repairs to a rental property can be done quickly & efficiently. This includes simple things like servicing taps or more major plumbing emergencies.

Plumber for gas repairs and installations

Instaplumb can manage any type of gas installation including pipework and meter installs, gas leak detection and even repairs. We can also service gas powered hot water systems to provide advice on settings for temperature and pressure relief valve functions to ensure it is efficient so you save on energy costs.

We can service gas repairs or installations for residential home owners, rental properties or commercial / retail locations like a cafe. We can also provide scheduled routine maintenance and inspections with documented reporting to anticipate and possibly avoid gas line problems before they occur.

Frequently asked questions about

our plumbing company in Sydney

Instaplumb is a plumbing company in Sydney that can provide any type of plumbing service you can think of, except maybe for a naked plumber strip tease that is. Combined, our plumbing team has more than 40 years industry experience and has established a reputation for being super reliable, easy to communicate with, on time & very cost effective for any type of plumbing repair or installation for either a residential home, rental property or business.

Our list of services include;

  • Fix a leaking toilet
  • Fix leaking taps
  • Clear a blocked drain
  • Install a brand new stormwater drain system
  • Inspect your plumbing system with a CCTV pipe inspection camera
  • Do Hydro Jet Drain high pressure water jet drain clearing to remove any severely blocked pipes that might have tree roots or other objects inside them.
  • We provide hot water installation, service, and repair for all types of hot water systems
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Repair broken or burst water pipes
  • Identify and repair gas leaks
  • Repair a leaking roof
  • Install a gas appliance
  • Electricity to gas conversions with new installations including pipework and meter installations

A plumbing emergency in Sydney can include things like;

  • A burst tap
  • Burst shower head
  • A septic system that is leaking
  • A blocked drain that is causing flooding
  • A burst water pipe
  • A sewer pipe that is leaking sewage into the street or around a home
  • A hot water system that bursts or the pipe breaks where you have no hot water or really low hot water pressure.

A slow leak or getting a tap replaced to change a dual tap set up to a single mixer are the types of plumbing jobs we will attend to during the day. The ones mentioned above where water or sewage is leaking a huge volume into your home or outside your property will require immediate assistance, hence it is considered an emergency.

If you live in a rental property, especially in a high rise unit block, you have to get this type of broken plumbing fixed immediately to prevent damage to adjacent units as well as keep other people safe. Water flooding on the floor might not be as bad as raw sewage, but either way you can’t simply ignore these plumbing emergencies, even if they are happening very slowly they can cause problems later.

Instaplumb does not charge a call out fee, we have an hourly rate and charge by the job.

Be careful of any ‘$50 discount’ offer or similar sales gimmicks – they are all just absolute rubbish. All the plumber does is add the discount into the cost of the job to be done, it is a trick.

While our approach may not suit everyone, we have found it to be the most transparent way to run our plumbing business in Sydney. This is why we have hundreds of repeat customers & most of our plumbing jobs come via word of mouth referrals.

Why do we operate like this?

  1. No plumber can provide a fixed price offer for a repair or installation because every single job is different. Even if it looks simple there could be unforseen or underlying issues that are not obvious.
  2. Every job or scope or work is different. Some might be relatively simple but then we discover something else while we are on site. A blocked drain might be caused by a broken pipe and so forth.
  3. We often find we need to see the problem before letting you know how much it will cost to fix it or to do a new installation. That is why we offer the complimentary call back to talk about what is needed first. Once we are on-site, we can determine what the job will cost. Each type of job has an upfront fixed price, this is determined by conducting a thorough inspection.

It is really important that you are prepared to ask each plumber you speak to the same set of questions so you can decide which one to use. First of all you have to be careful clicking on Google Ads vs Organic Search listings, what you will find is most of the companies are just fancy websites with images of models, they aren’t real plumbing companies that are licensed.

Once you get past that and make a shortlist of plumbers this is what you should ask each one of them.

  1. Can you service or visit my suburb – seems obvious but there could be specific locations they can’t get to or don’t have a plumber in that area.

  2. How quickly can a plumbing job be done – this will depend whether it is an emergency or not, but sometimes the plumbing company might be so busy they can’t get to you for weeks. In other situations it might be a plumber that lives more than an hour away but has paid lots of money on Google Ads, so always check.

  3. Is the plumber licensed – believe it or not there are lots of companies that say they have licensed or qualified plumbers, but they don’t have a license or it has expired. You can also check for yourself here on the Service NSW Government Website

  4. You have to ask how they charge for plumbing work, what is their approach to doing quotes. Check if there are call out fees, service fees or any other ways they come up with their pricing. Make sure you laugh at any ridiculous $50 discount offers, they are a load of rubbish.

  5. Check if the person you are speaking to is the plumber that will be doing the work. There are lots of companies that hire a call centre and farm out jobs to random tradespeople. So you have no idea who is going to turn up and do the work.

  6. What is their typical process when arriving on a site. You want to listen to how they approach their work and how clear they are about the steps they go through.

The other thing to do is read their online reviews which might be on Google, Facebook or even review websites. What you want to look for is the most recent ones, the best ones & then try and see how many reviews that person has written. If you see a profile where they have only ever left one review then it may be fake.

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