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If your property suffers from lots of water run off or flooding we can install a new stormwater drainage system to connect to your sewage lines to help water drain away.

Getting a new stormwater drain system installed in Sydney

This property owner in Cobbity in NSW’s south west wanted a licensed plumber that could help solve their stormwater drainage issues. Instaplumb sent a local plumber out to the site to do an assessment and understand how and why there was an issue with water draining from the property.

What our plumber discovered was the property was being effected every time there was heavy storms with the water run off was not being directed away from the buildings on the property. This was posing a risk of damaging the home but more importantly wasn’t very safe for people living there.

What our plumber recommended was the installation of a new stormwater system made up of a new channel drain that would catch any overflow water during heavy rains and send it into the existing stormwater system underground.

Why is stormwater drainage so important for homes in Sydney?

Most of the time home owners don’t worry too much about stormwater drainage, most light rain will either be absorbed into the ground or if it does gather or pool there isn’t very much to worry about. It is during heavy rain periods that we begin to realise how dangerous large volumes of water can be as it can quickly build up if the property does not have sufficient drainage set up.

For a home built on a sloping block this would mean having the right stormwater system to catch any water from the higher portions of land to divert it around and away from any buildings. For other sites that may have a slight incline the principle is the same where the gradients of any hard surfaces or the natural fall around any buildings may need strip drains or other ways to divert water around any structure. 

In the vast majority of cases there will be a stormwater drain or pit installed that will take any overflow of water and help channel this into the underground sewage systems. 

For this property we ended up installing a 6 meter long, 450mm wide channel drain in the driveway which included new piping that would connect this into existing stormwater system. The design will convey the water away from any buildings before it can caused any sort of flooding or damage to the structures on the site.

As you can see in the photos, the work was quite extensive and including excavating the site, the installation of new large concrete stormwater channel drains, new pvc piping and a new concrete surround. This took about 5 days to complete

How much does a new stormwater drain installation cost in Sydney?

There is no single price that can be provided for a new stormwater drain installation cost. It could vary between $1,000 and $40,000 depending on;

  • The extent of the work required to remove any existing drainage systems in place.
  • Preparing the site including any excavation that might be required.
  • Install all the new drainage materials.
  • Completing the connection to the existing stormwater systems.

In some situations this might simply be adding a one metre of plumbing and strip drainage that might take a few hours. In other situations like this one, it was a five day job with multiple plumbing contractors on site managing the entire job from the excavation, plumbing all the way to finishing off the new concreting.

For for this specific type of job the cost will be between $15,000 and $20,000 due to the time, complexity and scale of the work to be done. 

This may seem expensive, but consider the cost of water damage to a home or if someone was to be injured by rising flood waters.

When should a new stormwater drain be installed?

There is really isn’t a right or wrong time to consider getting a new stormwater drain installed. The simplest scenario to consider is when there is heavy rain if you get water that pools near your building or enters your home or even a garage parking area then it is a sign that the drainage in the vicinity isn’t sufficient.

Sometimes this could be because a drain is blocked with tree roots or some other debris so it doesn’t perform the way it is supposed to. In other situations it could simply be there is not enough drainage outlets to manage the volume of water in the area. This can happen when properties are developed or renovations are done that increases the build up of structures in an area, but the drainage isn’t changed at all to cope with the increased hard surfaces.

What types of property can Instaplumb install a new stormwater drain system on?

Instaplumb can install a new stormwater drain system for a residential home, a unit block managed by strata, a rural property or a local business. The type of property doesn’t really matter, we have a team of licensed plumbers that are able to assess the existing site conditions and then design a suitable solution with a free written quotation.

Once this has been approved we will schedule a time to begin the installation of the new system with most projects taking at least a full day.

Are there other ways to solve stormwater drainage problems?

The other way to solve stormwater drainage problems is to alter the existing conditions around the structure or dwelling that is at risk. So this might mean excavating to change the gradient of land, reducing a slope, adding a retaining wall or building a natural channel of some type to change the potential direction of water flow.

This can be costly to implement as well as it could be even more major work compared to installing a new drain, but every situation will vary of course based on the site. It is important to remember too that water will always find the least path of resistance, so if any of this work is not done correctly you may still get water entering places you don’t want it to.

Dean Doncevski
Dean Doncevski

Dean is the director of Instaplumb Pty Ltd and manages his team of licensed plumbers in Sydney who can diagnose, repair and take care of any type of plumbing problem you may have at your home or business.

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